On Anlona Beach diving are offered also of course other outdoor activities, although there are no fixed programs, but to relax and unwind at this the perfect spot.

And certainly theres no need to reserve a sun lounger just go with a towel to directly on the beach.The Two kilometers of fine sandy beach invites you to swim, sunbathe and relax.

Beach bars and restaurants are abundant , so when you are hungry or thirsty there's plenty of choices, something for every taste. relativity inexpensive restaurants range from  Asian,to European choices and also american dishes can be found.

Grills are available in most places. choices of local vegetables, salads and tropical Fruits it. perfect for for vegetarians who are catered for in almost all restaurants.

A word about the ice, its made with mineral water so very few health problems.

The national "San Miguel Beer" enjoyed by locals and we tourists.also fruit juices and soft drinks are everywhere.

surrounding areas

Not just diving

The Alona Beach is not only for the divers, some of the 1st divers came here in the early 70's and quickly made ​​Alona beach famous. By 1990 almost all the guests were divers. Since then, the area has developed rapidly and today has everything that characterizes a modern holiday destination.

In addition to diving at the beach or neighboring islands 
excursions are offered to the amazing mountain and rice field terraces in areas of the island of Bohol and Panglao. The world famous Chocolate Hills and the waterfalls on the island are a must see.

In Bohol, there is now also the Danao Adventure Park, where you can wire rush over a 400 m wide gorge and can experience various other activities.

Water sports like sailing, parasailing, water skiing and of course the most popular snorkeling tours for the non-divers.

In the village inviting bazaars, cafes and restaurants to stroll and ponder. And also for night owls there is entertaining nightlife and a disco so you dance until the early morning hours on the beach its self.


Atlantis Dive Center - Bohol, Panglao