Dive courses

Our dive instructors have be trained according to the guidelines of PADI professional dive association there for conscientiously our experienced instructors and are are using modern media. Since the teaching is done in small groups, the courses are not only very pleasant and stress-free but also very safe.

The courses are individually adapted to the student to make stress free. Courses are offered from the absolute beginner (Open Water Diver) to the Assistant Instructor as well as many specialty courses.

If you have never dived before, but have already had thoughts of how wonderful it could be,you have the POSSIBILITY to make an introductory dive. Here you will learn the first time to breathe with complete equipment,with a  professional instructor in the pool. And shown how to use correctly the fins,then subsequently to open-water,where there you can dive to a maximum depth of 12 meters.
Most people who try this short course ending up taking the PADI open water course.

The course is about 4 days and after successful completion of the course you will receive an internationally recognized certification and a temporary dive card valid for 90 days while waiting for your plastic credit card type,and even with this temporary card you dive any where in the world.


Atlantis Dive Center - Bohol, Panglao