News 2013

 Thank you for choosing Atlantis Dive Center.

In June 2011 Atlantis Dive Center/Resort renovated all of its rooms, now you can enjoy a more luxurious stay for the same reasonable prices.

come and stay with us we are ready to greet and serve you.

News about typhoon Pablo,as you may know this came through central Visayas and has caused considerable damage to Alona beach house reef and surrounding dive spots on the south side of the island, the north and west parts are unaffected,Balicasag sustained a small amount only at one spot,the rest of the Island remains spectacular.

Fortunately we are lucky enough to be blessed with plenty of diving at surrounding Islands,we at Atlantis hope that this news will not put off traveling to beautiful Panglao and Alona beach. 


The latest news, regarding Atlantis dive center's 2 speed boats,  is that they have been completely renovated, for comfort and safety with non slip matting which adds to safety and the new blue look is appealing to the eye's.Atlantis will upload new pictures in the next 1 or 2 days, thanks for your understanding and interest in Atlantis Kalipayan


Atlantis Dive Center - Bohol, Panglao