The Philippines located in southeast  Asia, and include 7,107 islands, of which are inhabited with around 20,00000 filapinos. Tagalog is the main Filipino national language,how ever English is understood and spoken almost everywhere. 90% of Filipinos are Catholic , Muslims, 8% mostly living in Mindanao in the south of the Philippines) and 2% from other faith communities.

The time difference from GMT in the summer is +6 in winter +7 hours. travel to Bohol is made easy with flight access directly to Tagbilaran airport from manila which takes 1 hour,international flights landing in Cebu also iinvolves only a short trip to Bohol via a choice of 3 kind of fast craft the travel time 1:30 minutes to Tagbilaran pier. 
Transfers can be arranged from either Cebu airport  or Tagbilaran airport or pier,for a complete door to door service.

Atlantis Dive Center - Bohol, Panglao