The Atlantis Dive Center:

Come and dive with us at the world famous Alona Beach Panglao, where we are sure this is the right place for you to spend your holiday , with some of the most famous diving sites in the Philippines, you can discover and enjoy the diversity of views during your dive here , with so many different diving sites to choose from you will always find some thing interesting and fun, and sure to make a more memorable and  enjoyable holiday .... you can discover a wide variety of fish and beautiful corals to satisfy your imagination.

Our instructors and dive guides are happy to give you an unforgettable impression of the diversity and richness of color of this diving area, and showing you so many unusual critters,so have fun lets go for a dive.

In this family oriented resort,diving or other wise happiness is assured,

Our service is our strength!
ensures Kurt Biebelmann, General Manager , Instructor, PADI and SSI
 Kurt Biebelmann, General Manager, Instructor, Tauchlehrer nach PADI und SSI.


Atlantis Dive Center - Bohol, Panglao